I am Boo - the creator of Boo's Kitchen. I am a Chef and work with my team as a close family.

My given name is Bussakorn but with my families love of seafood the nicknamed me Boo which means Crab in Thai !! This of course extended to my little sister who was nicknamed Goong - Prawns in Thai. I still wonder whether it was just fun or their true love of seafood !!

Well, my brother, Lek and I followed in my mum's footsteps with me starting this restaurant to share my love of food and my brother who is a professional chef at the Pullman Group of Hotels, who has taught me so much making me a real Chef. By the way is given name is Khomsan - In Thailand nicknames are common !!

I grew up in a little village called Puvieng in the North Eastern part of Thailancalled Isan with two brothers and a sister. My father was a rice farmer and my mum sold home made food from a kitchen set up in front of our house. I started very young preparing all the ingredients for my mum to cook before I left for school and when I came back in the afternoons. watching and helping my mum cook gave a me a solid foundation on the Isan, Laos and Thai flavours. 

We sat as a family on a mat on the floor with a variety of dishes cooked by my mum, my brother and myself, picking at the sticky rice with our hands and savoring the food. Inevitably, we would be joined by our extended family or friends who were always welcome to share  our meals. 

I have created Boo's Kitchen as a true family restaurant, with my two lovely daughters, Tasha and  Issy working with me. Our chefs, our staff and I are very close and enjoy ourselves a lot cooking and serving to the best of our ability - sometimes we are quite loud as well much to the irritation of my husband.  I hope you will feel this when you visit my restaurant. I hope you enjoy the menu I have put together for you...

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